Born 1982

Lives and works in Copenhagen

Ene Bissenbakker is a visual artist who works within a broad range of media, though mainly paper. Paper is a familiar subject known to us from early childhood drawings, from important official documents, from shady brown paper bags, from the Bibles, the Quran and pizza boxes. Human interaction is as unbearably fragile as paper, wet or dry, and is always at the center of Bissenbakker's artistic search process. 

2015: Documntary film directing at the Short and Documentary FIlm School, Lyngby
2015: Internship as production assistant for Bullitt Film
2014: Internship as production assistant for video artist Marika Seidler
2014: Almost full MA in Visual Culture, Copenhagen University emphasis on video/film theory, visual media, art and curating (I ended my studies just before the final thesis)
2012: Internship for sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard
2010: Painting course at Holbæk Art School
2009: BA: Ethnography/Social & Cultural Anthropology, Aarhus University, with special emphasis on socio-cultural aspects of art production.


Represented by

Gallerie Stokkebro / Hellerup, Copenhagen http://www.galeriestokkebro.dk/

Slowroom Contemporary / Copenhagen, Denmark www.slowroomcontemporary.com/

Artby /Umeå, Sweden https://www.artby.com/


2018: Slowroom x Ene Bissenbakker. Solo at Pavillon No. 11, Copenhagen

2017: The Bath. Solo at Blaa Galleri, Copenhagen 
2016: Group exhibition in Space with photographer Pete Lamberto and

          painter Filippo Pizzocchero
2015: Space Fall Exhibition (Video installation in collaboration with 

          Christina Smeby and Jonas Tolstrup)
2015: Homeless Gallery, Copenhagen 
2015: Solo at Tirée, Berlin 
2015: Red Door Magazine, Copenhagen/NYC 

2015: Fokus Video Art Festival, Copenhagen 
2015: Komsurabel, Copenhagen
2014: SPACE fall exhibition, Copenhagen 
2014: Forårsudstillingen Charlottenborg, Copenhagen 
2014: FOKUS Video Art Festival, Copenhagen 
2013: Bang Festival for video art, Barcelona
2013: Mongolfiere Libere Projects, Berlin 2013 
2013: Funkhaus Open Studios, Berlin
2010: Solo at Din Nye Ven, Copenhagen


Other artistic practice

2017: Video collaboration with stage/performance artist Inge Agnete

          Tarpgaard on the projects 'Skill Swop' and 'Chaps & Cars'

2016: Video collaboration with stage/performance artist Inge Agnete

          Tarpgaard on the project 'Skill Swop'

2016: Speaking about how to watch video art at Malmö Queer Film


2015: Speaking at Pecha Kucha about self-education within the

          art world
2014: Summer Uni at Salzburg Academie of Fine Arts with Cinéma

         Copains: 16mm shooting, developing and editing with Bolex

         Reflex film camera.
2013: Part of the organising team of LadyFest, a feminist festival

          celebrating music, culture, debates and workshops with a

          political stanza. Organising, fundraising, curating short film and

          video art screenings, teaching life drawing.
2010-: Assisting + documenting for Liveart, the main performance art

          forum in Copenhagen
2012: Assisting at Month of Performance Art, Berlin
2011: Main curator and organizer at Trailerpark Festival Copenhagen
2011: Assisting at Nordic Forum, short film screening event hosted by

          Filmkontakt Nord.
2010 – :Professional life drawing model for a variety of artists such as

          painters, architects, illustrators, photographers and sculptors.
2009: Researcher for exhibition Som Jeg Er/As I Am about the history

          of homo- and transsexuals in Copenhagen at the Museum of

2009: Assisting for Creative Time NYC, at the exhibition Plot ’09 in

           Governor’s Island.



enebissenbakker@gmail.com       Tel: +4520840229