The Monthly Note

In this picture plog I will once a month do a drawing/sketch/illustration of a matter that has captured my interest. It's a way of keeping myself busy and also a way of directing my work to a contemporary subject that is complex, necessary, beautiful, strange or just plain and simply pushes my politically concerned buttons.

May 2016

Søren Espersen er da bare ligeglad

‘Søren Espersen er da bare ligeglad, 2016
Graphite on paper, 30×42 cm

April 2016

The Realisation

In response to the current discussion on the legal procedures and female(*) shaming that comes with reporting being raped I felt like doing this drawing:

‘The Realisation', 2016
Graphite on paper, 30×45 cm

Because there is a special kind of feeling you get to experience as a marginalised person when you speak up about your pain and realise, that your feelings and opinion don't matter - because you're apparently a second class citizen. And apparently this attitude is supported by a well-established legal system which your country doesn't seem to have a problem with.


In case you need to better understand the impact of these societal structures, I suggest you listen to a woman telling her tramuatising story of being raped 50 and 40 years ago and breaking down completely whilst on her phone on live radio:!/


(*) Instead of 'female', feel free to insert 'sexuality', 'ethnicity', 'weight', 'capability', 'class' or whatever you find appropriate.

Feb. 2016

Whitey on the Moon 2016

February is the month of the Oscar’s (c). If someone hadn’t again directed my attention to the fact that almost all of the nominees (and ALL of the nomineed actors/actresses) are white, I probably wouldn’t have given it much thought. This is the real problem of the issue. Whiteness is so much of a norm that I don’t even notice it. Ugh! If non-whites are supposed to identify with whites, why the freak is it still not possible to work the other way round?   


I came to thinking of a poem/spoken word performance done by the late Gil Scott-Heron in 1972. The track is found on his amazing album The Revolution Will Not be Televised. I wrote down the lyrics with that of my hands which I normally don’t use for writing, as a way of commenting on or investigating the struggle of always, always, always being one step behind those of privilege.


Make sure to check the videos below too.

Whity on the Moon 2016
Graphite on 2 x A4 paper

On Hollywood White-washing


Gil Scott-Heron

Whitey on the Moon (1972)


Jan. 2016


This month, we’re diving into the events of New Year’s Eve in Kölln and the impression those events left for many women, who for the most part aren’t being heard, because the assaults apparently spoke for themselves. Happy 2016 everyone! ♥

‘Få dine sorte fingre væk fra min so!’ (‘Get Your Black Fingers Off of My Bitch!’)
Ink and charcoal on paper, 45×45 cm