Shitty Times Revisited

I heard about a homeless man who walks around somewhere in Volkspark Friedrichshain, Berlin, playing his harmonica for money. Most homeless people are expected to be humble and submissively thankful when receiving even the smallest coin from your wallet. But apparently this one plays the harmonica so aggressively that you are scared into aiding him with your spare change. It is said that it does not sound like anything specific, he is just hitting whatever notes he finds on his harmonica.


Oh, Berlin! Such a sexy capital you are! - Everyone agrees. Overflown with bars and clubs, the young and the free and the ones who do not know any better. The nights are warm and the bodies are skin tight. Let us indulge in it together, hand in hand, in this sea of sheer young, naked desire! Rejoice; what could be any better than love and sex and passion?!


2012 HD/Colour/Stereo/16:9